Warren Hoshizaki Director of Education

 Warren Hoshizaki  
Karen Bellamy ext. 54101
Cheryl Morgan ext. 54102  

System Portfolio

  • Chief Education Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Secretary of the Board
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) Liaison
  • Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) and Operational Plan Implementation
  • Director’s Leadership Coordinating Council (DLCC)
  • Governance
  • Information Technology
  • Legal/Personnel Issues
  • Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) Liaison
  • OPC Liaison
  • Senior Leadership Organization
  • Senior Leadership Supervision
  • Senior Staff Succession Planning
  • Senior Leadership Planning (SLP)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Student Learning Agenda
  • System Administrators’ Meetings

Board Committees

  • All Board Committees (Ex Officio)
  • Board Agenda Planning
  • Board Meetings