Questions Asked

Wainfleet Elementary Accommodation Review

May 16th ARC Meeting - Questions Asked

What will happen with the decision since there is a municipal election in October?
The final report will be presented at the October 23, 2018 Board Meeting but the Trustees will still have until November 27, 2018 for their final decision. The new Trustees will not be sworn in until the January 2019 Board Meeting. All Trustees make the final decision on the Accommodation Review, they receive all the information that committee reviews in order to be informed of the entire process.

Will they build a new building?
The Board currently has one shared building with the Catholic Board in Niagara Falls at Kate S. Durdan/Loretto School. They share the same building, learning commons and gymnasium. There previously was one in St. Catharines Pinegrove/Michael J. Brennan School but the Catholic Board moved their students to a nearby school as the enrolment was low.

What would community use look like within the proposed school?
The community use of schools is currently looked after by the board. Annual meetings are held with municipalities to see if there is an interest in a partnership to utilize space in schools or aspects of the schools such as gymnasiums. In Welland there is a partnership with the Welland Public Library and they share library space in Diamond Trail Public School. Also, in Niagara on the Lake the Town worked with the school board and the size of the gymnasium was increased for the running of external programs. The Board met with the Township of Wainfleet to discuss the possibility of a partnership since there is a need for items such as off site health care in this area or possibly a new mothers program.

What is the enrolment at the Catholic school?
There are approximately 90 students in St. Elizabeth at this time. As with the DSBN schools it is very costly to keep a building running under capacity and to also be able to do the facility upgrades required. We do not have access to the projections for that school at this time.