Support Your School!

Your support can make all the difference for students in Niagara

Each year, DSBN schools go above and beyond to provide students with numerous programs, activities and supports which are not covered by provincial funding. Oftentimes, the only way schools can afford to pay for these added extras is through their fundraising efforts.

By donating to your local public school, you can help feed hungry minds through our nutrition programs, build safe places for students to play, help send a deserving student to college/university and so much more!

To make a donation, please click the Donate now button and select the DSBN School and Fund/Designation of your choice.

Four Ways to Show Your Support

General—By donating to the school's General Fund, you will help support a variety of important school programs. These may include breakfast or snack programs, or assistance for students to participate in field trips, sports and other extra-curricular events which enhance the learning experience.

Capital—Thinking big? Donations can be made to support school capital projects that are not eligible for government funding. Examples of these projects include playgrounds, school signs or scoreboards.

Scholarships—Your donations can help support a students' higher education. Gifts can be made to establish college/university scholarships which will be awarded to graduating high school students.

Program Specific—Your donation can help support a specific program. For example: rowing, robotics, etc…