Our story is one of hope, hard work and success.

It is personal.

Our story begins with you. We believe that every individual involved with our system, no matter their role, has to feel like they matter in order to be their best selves. We know that everyone has something to contribute. Everyone has their own needs.

In building our Strategic Plan, we wanted to honour the uniqueness of each person. Our plan is a commitment to personalization. We know that one size does not fit all. Everyone should be able to access the specific supports they need to become successful.

While our story is one of personal success, it also recognizes that success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. We are on this journey of learning together. When we work together, when we learn together, when we support each other, we are stronger. Our Strategic Plan helps to create the conditions for building that kind of community. A community where we learn from adversity, where we lift each other up and celebrate each other’s success.

This story starts with our Strategic Plan, one of our Board’s most important foundational documents. Our story is told in our classrooms and schools each and every day. It is written by students, parents, staff and our Trustees. It is a story that includes everyone, where everyone matters.

It’s our story, and we’re proud of it. We invite you to read its first chapter, our Strategic Plan, by clicking here.