How to Apply (New & Returning)

The DSBN is accepting applications for February and September 2024. Please refer to the application packages below. Thank you.

How to Apply (New & Returning Students)

Learn how to apply


If you are a Returning Student to the DSBN, you must complete and submit a Returning International Student Application Package, and pay non-refundable Administrative Fee and full Tuition Fees. The purpose is to:

  1. Notify us about your intention to return which will generate a new Letter of Acceptance that you will need to extend your Study Permit,
  2. Gather your updated personal information for our files,
  3. Facilitate payment of fees, and
  4. Remind you to submit a valid extended Study Permit and proof of Canadian Healthcare Insurance for the new study period. There is no need to visit the Welcome Centre upon your return, but updated documents are to be submitted to the International Education Office at 



If you are a New Student to the DSBN, you must complete and submit an International Student Application Package for New Students. You must make an appointment at the Welcome Centre ( well in advance of your arrival in Niagara to schedule an orientation and English assessment at least one week prior to the start of school. 


The following are the steps to apply to study at the DSBN as a New International Student:

Step 1 Submit Application Documents,Transcripts, and Application Fee all together

  • Complete the International Student Application Package for New Students as a PDF.
  • Specify on the application if you have a preferred school choice or if you wish the DSBN to assign the appropriate school once you provide us with what will be your home address in Niagara.
  • While or after completing the student application form, contact a student support service provider in Niagara to arrange homestay and custodianship, and if applicable specify on the application which service provider you will be working with for homestay placement. For a list of regular providers to the DSBN, click here.
  • Submit your completed application to the DSBN by June 1 for a Semester/Term 1 start in September or by December 1 for a Semester/Term 2 start in February. Late applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Include a copy of your transcripts (school records) in English for the current and previous 2 years. The records must be in English.  If translated into English, they must be notarized. Application won't be processed without receiving transcripts.
  • Submit payment of non-refundable Application Fee of CAD$250. See Payment Instructions.
  • Incomplete application will delay the process.
Step 2 Receive Conditional Acceptance Letter, Pay full Tuition Fees
  • After receiving complete application information, a copy of your transcripts/school records, and payment of the application fee, the DSBN will review the application. If approved, the DSBN will issue a conditional acceptance letter.
  • Pay full Tuition Fees indicated in the conditional acceptance letter.
  • See Payment Instructions.
Step 3 Receive Letter of Acceptance
  • After receiving the payment of full tuition fees, the DSBN will issue the official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which indicates fees being paid.
  • PDF copy of LOA will normally be sent to the email address of the person who paid the fees (and to the service provider if applicable). 
  • Other fees, such as those for mandatory healthcare insurance effective in Canada, homestay services, airport transfer services, and custodianship services for minors, are separate and apart from the DSBN tuition fees and are payable directly to the student support service provider involved. 
Step 4 Obtain and Confirm Study Permit 
  • Obtain an official Letter of Acceptance from the DSBN for any initial or extended study period at the DSBN.
  • Present the Letter of Acceptance when applying to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa and Study Permit.
  • If you are applying to study in Canada for the first time, see guidelines for applying for a study permit at: 
  • If you need to extend your study period in Canada, you must follow guidelines for applying for a Study Permit extension found at: 
  • It is the student’s (or parents') responsibility to maintain a valid Canadian Study Permit for the duration of attendance at a DSBN school. If your Study Permit expires, you will be asked to withdraw from school until a valid Study Permit is obtained and you may be required to return to your home country to apply again.
  • Once your Study Permit is approved, please communicate this as soon as possible to: DSBN International Office: and the Student Support Service Provider (if applicable)
Step 5 Prepare for Arrival & Orientation 

The DSBN reserves the right to refuse any application, in its sole discretion.

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