When children and parents read together, it has a profound and positive effect on their learning.Warren Hoshizaki
DSBN Director of Education

About PFLCs

The DSBN's five Parenting and Family Literacy Centres opened their doors for the first time on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. The centres, a first of their kind in Niagara, give children from infancy to six years old a chance to get a head start in their learning through a variety of engaging and educational activities.

These new centres will help children grow both emotionally and socially while learning important communication, math and reading skills. At this young age, children learn through play, so the centres are colourful, fun places to be that have plenty of games, books, music and toys for parents and children to explore together.

"When children and parents read together, it has a profound and positive effect on their learning. Our new Parenting and Family Literacy Centres will support families with the resources to engage children at a younger age and help them develop a lifelong love of reading," says Warren Hoshizaki, DSBN Director of Education.

The PFLCs are open Monday to Friday. The hours are site specific to match the bell times of the schools. The Welland and Fort Erie locations are open from 9:00am-1:00pm; the Niagara Falls site is open from 8:30am-12:30pm and the St Catharines sites are open from 8:45am-12:45pm. There is no registration required, so parents/caregivers and their children are invited to drop by anytime. Nutritious snacks will be provided.

In addition to the numerous educational activities, the PFLCs will also be able to link families to important community resources such as special needs, health, employment and other related services.

The Parenting and Family Literacy Centres were created with the support of a $372,000 grant from the Ministry of Education.


Do I need to register?

Registration is not required. You will need to sign in each time you visit as do all visitors to the schools.

Is there a fee to attend?

The program is free for all who attend.

Do I need to bring snacks?

A daily nutritious snack is provided for all during the program. Coffee and tea is also available for the adults. You may wish to bring lunch if you would like to stay over the lunch hour. We have a microwave and refrigerator available.

Do I have to stay with my child at the PFLC?

Yes, every child who attends needs to be accompanied by an adult. You may bring up to 4 children.

What hours are the PFLCs open?

The Centres are open Monday to Friday during the school year. You may arrive at anytime during the hours listed above and stay as long as you like.

How often can I come to the Centre?

You are welcome to come every day if you choose.