PIC Conference 2017

DSBN Parent Involvement Conference 2017 sessions:

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
5:30 - 9:00 pm

Eden High School
535 Lake Street
St. Catharines, ON (Map)

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4:00 - 5:15   Light Dinner and Vendor Fair
Cafeteria and Gym AB
5:15 - 5:25   Opening Remarks
5:45 - 6:45   1st Session   
6:45 - 7:15   Vendor Fair and Refreshments
Gym AB and Cafeteria
7:15 - 8:15   2nd Session   

(e) - topic of interest to parents of elementary students
(s) - topic of interest to parents of secondary students
(e & s) - topic of interest to all parents
BBPD - Back By Popular Demand
new - New for 2017


Working In Partnership: Supporting Your Child's Mental Health and Wellbeing Through The Elementary Years BBPD - (e) 
"A team approach is the best approach" - learn how to support and advocate for your child when you have concerns regarding their mental health and well-being. Through an introduction to the topic of mental health and an exploration of school and community resources, learn when to turn for help and where to go to for support, giving you greater hope for the coming year.

Raising Confident Successful Children BBPD - (e)
This seminar will teach parents strategies that encourage their children to develop a healthy self-esteem, good communication, social and problem solving skills. We'll also explore how parents can encourage children to show respect and consideration for others.

Elementary Mathematics Classrooms of Today BBPD - (e)
What does an elementary mathematics classroom look like/sound like today? Why? Come and engage in mathematics in ways that we engage your children in learning mathematics. We will discuss elements of what an elementary mathematics classroom looks like and sounds like in DSBN. We will compare how they are similar and different to what your elementary mathematics classroom experiences were. We will also share ideas about how you can support your child with their classroom math experiences at home.

Is it Bullying or a Conflict? BBPD - (e)
Come enjoy an interactive approach to uncovering the differences between Conflict and Bullying. Helpful ways to support your child with both will be provided.

Transitioning from Elementary to Secondary BBPD - (e)
Do you have a child entering high school? We can help you understand how to choose a pathway that reflects your child's ability, interests and future plans, leading to improved secondary success.

New Expectations in the Health Curriculum BBPD - (e)
In this session, parents will learn how the new expectations could be taught in the classroom. Sample lessons will be previewed along with a grade-by-grade overview of the updated Health Curriculum. A specific focus will be on the expectations of Human Development and Sexual Health (sex education) and diversity including gender identity and sexual orientation.

Learning Through Play in Kindergarten BBPD - (e)
Research has shown there is a strong link between play and learning in young children, especially in the areas of problem solving, literacy, numeracy, social skills and physical development. Play builds on knowledge and skills, according to where the child is developmentally. Come and learn how the Kindergarten classroom of today is a place for exploring, investigating, creating and hands-on learning!
Just Playing
Fundamental Principles of Play-Based Learning
The Power of Play-Based Learning

Supporting a Love of Reading BBPD - (e)
Join us in an exploration of a wide variety of reading materials from apps to word searches and board games to books. Discover some simple tips and tricks to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
Reading and Writing with Your Child
Resources for Elementary Readers

Supporting your child's success in French Immersion BBPD - (e)
This session will highlight practical suggestions for simple, everyday things that you can do at home to enhance your child's learning in French Immersion.

newMakerspace and Technology (e)
The Maker Movement combines high-tech and low-tech techniques to help students explore their creativity. Think of a craft show, science fair, art exhibit, and robotics festival all combined into one. In this session we will explore how Makerspaces are being used throughout DSBN to encourage student centered learning and how parents/caregivers can encourage their children to be 'makers' at home!

newUnderstanding Dreambox (e)
As a parent/caregiver, are you wondering Why DreamBox? Or Why technology for math? Come and investigate this adaptive computer program with some of the teachers using it with students. DreamBox lessons connect visuals (ten frames, math racks, base ten blocks, number lines, arrays, graphs, etc.) to numbers and may be very different experiences than the ones you had learning these concepts. Together, we will go through some of the lessons your children are experiencing while on DreamBox and explain some of the reasons why the lessons are set up the way they are. We will also share a few other ideas about how you can support your child with non-technology based math experiences at home.

newPlaying Games to Develop Mathematical Thinking (e)
Do you like playing games with your child? Which games do you play? What mathematical concepts are they bumping into throughout the game? What questions might we ask to intentionally develop their mathematical thinking and reasoning during the game? Come and play a few games that you can play with your children at home. We will look at some common games involving cards and dice as well as investigate some board games and other strategy games. We will discuss different mathematical concepts that your child can be experiencing through these games and come up with questions parents/caregivers might ask to develop their child's reasoning through play.


Working In Partnership: Supporting Your Child's Mental Health and Wellbeing Through The High School Years BBPD - (s)
In this session, we'll be sharing information and resources for youth that provide insight and suggestions on how to cope and navigate mental health issues. Come learn about our DSBN Mental Health Teams who are here to help families cope with mental illness and enjoy success in school and in life.

Secondary Mathematics Classrooms of Today BBPD - (s)
What's happening in secondary math classes? In this session we will look at how our math classes are preparing students to have the thinking and reasoning skills necessary to be successful in school, in the workplace and in their everyday lives.
Parent Handout

Transitioning from High School to Post-Secondary Education BBPD - (s)
Graduating from high school and pursuing post-secondary education is one of life's biggest transitions, not only for the students, but also for their parents. Valuable resources will be shared that will be of benefit to both students and their parents.

Raising Competent Teenagers BBPD - (s)
This seminar will teach parents strategies that encourage their teen to develop self-discipline and establish good routines. Parents will also learn tips to help their teens get involved with school activities and establish supportive friendships.

newEDU Travel (s)
What better place to learn about civics than Ottawa, or fashion than New York? These unique programs allow students an opportunity to conduct research from artifacts in museums, to walk in the footsteps of characters, and to become global citizens. DSBN EduTravel programs offer a low 1:12 teacher/student ratio and provide students with the opportunity to travel while earning credits in Civics and Careers, Grade 11 or 12 University English, and Grade 12 Fashion. Come find out more about this exciting learning opportunity from one of our experienced EduTravel teachers.

Elementary and Secondary

Parenting in the Digital Age BBPD - (late e & s)
Online and digital communication is an integral part of youth's lives and often a focal point to their social engagement. Youth are joining the social media scene every day and it is important that caregivers know how to support and keep youth safe while they engage in this medium. This 60 minute caregiver education session will offer information about the use of digital communication, the importance of talking to youth about on-line communication and tips for how to start the conversation with youth.

Positive Partnerships: Building an Effective School Council BBPD - (e & s)
Parental engagement is proven to have a positive impact on kids, parents and schools! We'll explore the importance of parental involvement and the specific roles and responsibilities for School Councils in developing positive partnerships between parents, the school and beyond.

Special Education - Planning and Collaborating with your School BBPD - (e & s)
This workshop will discuss special education programming and the supports that are available in schools to help students be successful, from human resource support to assistive technology.

Welcome to the Future: Technology at School and Home BBPD - (e & s)
What are the opportunities and potential pitfalls of emerging technologies for our children? This presentation will highlight many of the tools that students can access at school and from home to improve their learning.

An Indigenous Perspective on Education BBPD - (e & s)
Parents will be provided with background information on First Nation, Metis and Inuit heritage, history, traditions, and celebrations specific to Indigenous students in this region. There will be information to help gain a greater understanding of the issues and challenges facing our Indigenous youth in Ontario and in our board. An overview of programming and resources will also be covered.

newWhat's all the Fuss About Coding? (e & s)
Code is the language that makes our digital world function. Join us to explore how learning computer code can help children with their mathematics, problem solving, and creativity. Parents/caregivers will learn ways to support their children with coding at home.

newDSBN Outdoor Education (e & s)
Learn about why it's important for our students to discover and develop a connection to the earth and understand their responsibility for and impact on it. This session will highlight how students from K-12 focus on inquiry and exploration-based learning, encouraging them to Play, Explore and Discover in nature. Hear about how students of the DSBN experience innovative nature-based activities at our Walker Living Campus and Outdoor Adventure Campus, and how parents/caregivers can encourage outdoor discovery at home!

newFood Literacy (e & s)
Ask any parent/caregiver how they feel about packing school lunches and you're likely to get the same answers ... it's time consuming, a challenge with picky eaters, and expensive. Come join our session to learn more about making good use of food dollars, while still providing nutritious and delicious meals for your family.
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