Feb 20 - Secondary Late Buses Cancelled

All regular transportation will continue as scheduled.
Please be advised that General Interest, EdVance, Self-Study and International Languages Elementary programming classes will be cancelled for this evening,

Posted Feb 20, 2019


Special Education

Gifted Education

The DSBN is proud to offer a part-time gifted education program for those students in grades 5-8 who qualify. Potential candidates for the program are referred through the In-School Team process. Participation in the program is then open to those individuals who achieve at the 98th percentile or above on standardized cognitive assessments.

There are currently four Gifted Education Centres , located throughout the Board. Transportation is provided to those who qualify. Students are invited to participate in a series of full-day sessions approximately once per cycle. The Gifted Centres offer a broad range of electives, which students can choose from, with a focus on the use and development of higher order thinking skills.

For additional information, please contact the Learning Resource Teacher at your child's school.