JULY 8-26, 2019

Our Vision

The Summer H.E.A.T. (Helping Everyone Achieve Together) program is a targeted strategy designed by the District School Board of Niagara to support students and families during the summer months. Through its two unique programs, "Kindergarten Kick Start" and "Funshine Kids", Summer HEAT is committed to enhancing student achievement by providing highly engaging research-based activities that build literacy and numeracy skills, opportunities for meaningful parent engagement as well as focusing on healthy lifestyle choices. Above all, Summer HEAT will provide a camp style environment where students are continually encouraged and empowered to develop confidence, skills and self-efficacy that will help them achieve to their full potential during the school year.

Our Mission

Summer H.E.A.T. will provide:

  • Highly engaging, hands on, research-based activities that build or maintain literacy and numeracy skills during the summer months;
  • Meaningful opportunities for our youngest students to learn school routines, structures and social skills;
  • Experiential learning opportunities through field trips;
  • Model positive, healthy living choices by providing nutritional snacks and offering a wide variety of physical activities;
  • A wide variety of parent engagement opportunities such as a home reading program, assemblies that share useful parenting skills and ways to support their children at home as well as provide opportunities to volunteer.