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  • Plan for Success

    A good plan is the foundation of your future success. Think about what your interests and career goals, and then take some time to map out how you want to get there.

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  • Customize my Education

    High school is filled with choices and opportunities. From Cooperative Education to e-Learning, the DSBN has a wide range of innovative programs sure to match your unique skills and interests.

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  • Get Support

    High school can sometimes feel overwhelming, but, you are not alone. The DSBN has many supports in place to help ensure you get the credits you need and graduate on-schedule.

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  • Earn My Diploma

    Wherever you are on your educational journey, the DSBN can help you with the next steps of the way. If you've left school early, or need to catch up on your credits, see the resources we have available to help your graduate high school.

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The DSBN believes that every student can learn and become successful in school. As students, it’s important for you to believe in your abilities to work hard, persevere and become successful high school graduates.

That is what Student Success is all about; creating the conditions for students to experience success. Some students may be interested in different programs such as Specialist High Skills Majors, while others will want to access a range of different academic, social and emotional supports. There are also options available for students who have left school and are ready to return and earn their diplomas. The goal of Student Success is to engage every student by supporting their unique interests, goals and strengths.

This website is an important resource for you to learn more about all the different Student Success initiatives at the DSBN and how these programs will support you in achieving one of the most significant accomplishments in your life – high school graduation.