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Consent to the Disclosure or Release of Information

I understand that Niagara College of Applied Arts & Technology (the College) is required to comply with the provisions of the (Freedom of Information) in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Act, by giving me notice of any request for disclosure of personal information about me, which includes information about my educational history.

I hereby agree that the College need not give me notice and need not comply with the Act but may and is hereby authorized to release any information about my educational history, including my marks, to the SCWI Project Coordinator at Niagara College as well as the appropriate School Board.

  1. I Hereby consent to the disclosure or release of information from Niagara College to: The District School Board of Niagara
  2. The information shared may include: student records (including enrolment information and grades) and student accounts. In addition, academic information may be shared with parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

  3. Photographs and/or video are taken on occasion as part of the School College Work Initiative – Dual Credit programs at Niagara College. Please review and sign the clause below so that there is written record of your consent on file.

    I hereby grant Niagara College and its employees, agents and assigns, the right to photograph my child and/or make recordings of my child’s voice, and the right to use pictures, silhouettes and other reproductions of my child’s likeness in connection with the exhibition and/or broadcast on television/radio, website, or any video or audio tapes. Further I grant Niagara College the right to use my child’s likeness in connection with the promotion of said video in magazines, newspapers and other printed materials without further permission from me.