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Assessment & EQAO

Assessment - It's About Learning

The primary purpose of assessment, evaluation and reporting is to improve student learning. Teachers use a variety of activities before, during and after learning in order to assess and ultimately evaluate how well a student is achieving The Ontario Curriculum for a particular subject and grade. Some of the most important assessments are done prior to learning and during learning by both the teacher and student. These formative assessments are the keys to learning for students as they provide valuable information about what a student can do and what he/she still needs to improve upon before a final evaluation takes place. Classroom assessments have the greatest impact on student learning.

Provincial assessments are conducted by EQAO and the results and information from these are used as one piece of information to help teachers make informed decisions about how to work with and support student learning. Provincial assessments are conducted in Grades 3 (reading, writing and mathematics), 6 (reading, writing and mathematics), 9 (mathematics) and 10 (literacy).