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I’m Barkley!

I’ll be your guide to Kindergarten.

Follow my paw prints to learn
all about Kindergarten at the DSBN!

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If your child was born in 2017,
or turns 4 in 2021, then they are
ready for Kindergarten!

First things first,
let's pause to talk
about safety.

The health and safety of your child is of the utmost
importance to us. We are consistently working with
Public Health and the province to ensure
all DSBN schools have effective and up-to-date
health and safety protocols.



Download our Kindergarten Back to School Guide
to read more about school and classroom safety
for your Kindergarten child.


Let me show you around Kindergarten!


What is a typical day
in Kindergarten like?
Watch this video!



What does a DSBN Kindergarten
classroom look like?
See for yourself with this virtual tour!

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What does learning look like in Kindergarten?

Your child will engage in the kind of learning I love most:
playing! Play-based learning in Ontario is designed to support
your child’s natural learning by focusing on four key areas:


Belonging & Contributing

In Kindergarten, students really begin to explore where they fit into the world and their role as community members.


Self-Regulation & Well-Being

Students matter as individuals. Learning in Kindergarten helps them to become more self-aware, and understand their own thinking and feelings.


Literacy & Mathematics Behaviours

Students show literacy with the language, pictures, and materials they use to express themselves. Using numbers and patterns during play strengthens their developing mathematics skills.


Problem Solving & Innovating

Kindergarten students begin to make sense of their world by asking questions, solving problems, and engaging in creative play.

Find my child's
home school.

Our School Locator tool will tell you
where your child's home school is.


Get ready to ride!

Your child may qualify for a seat
on the bus. The Niagara Student
Transportation Service takes care
of transportation at the DSBN, and
you can find out if your child is eligible
by clicking here

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Child care for your family.

Child care at the DSBN 

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Learn about
my first day.

I was nervous on my first day
with my new family, but everything
turned out OK! Let me tell you and
your child how I overcame my first day fears.

Frequently Asked

How old does my child have to be to start Kindergarten?
If your child was born in 2017, or turns 4 in 2021, then they are ready for Kindergarten!

What information do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?
The following documents are required to complete registration:

  1. A Birth Certificate, Birth Registration or Baptismal Certificate
  2. Immunization Certificate (For more information or to register with the
    Region of Niagara Public Health, click here)
  3. Proof of address such as a recent utility bill or driver's license

How do I register for Child Care?
DSBN works closely with a variety of community partners to provide
families with child care options for before and after school care at or near our schools.
View a list of DSBN’s child care partners

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First day of school
September 7, 2021

Thanks for learning all about
Kindergarten with me.
I can’t wait to meet you at school!

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