Learning in Kindergarten


Come prepared to play

DSBN’s Kindergarten programs are designed to delight, surprise and engage the most curious of learners. Our programs take place in bright, beautiful spaces and give students plenty of opportunity to learn by doing their life’s most important work: playing!

Play helps stimulate children’s intellectual growth. Through different kinds of play, children learn how to reason and interact with one another all while building a powerful foundation for a successful school career. In Ontario, Kindergarten learning falls into four key areas:

  • Belonging and Contributing
  • Self-Regulation and Well-being
  • Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours
  • Problem Solving and Innovating

Belonging and Contributing

In Kindergarten, students really begin to explore where they fit into the world and their role as community members. As they engage and play with their peers, students learn about the nature of relationships and their connections with one another and begin to understand the contributions they can make to their group, community and the natural world. 

Self-Regulation and Well-Being

Students matter as individuals. Learning in Kindergarten helps them to become more self-aware and understand their own thinking and feelings. Kindergarten students learn important life skills such as the ability to regulate their emotions, how to adapt to distractions and understanding the consequences of their actions. They also begin to develop an appreciation for their own health and wellness.

Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours

In Kindergarten, students develop an awareness that they matter as learners. Students show literacy in the way they use language, pictures and materials to express themselves. Using numbers and patterns during play strengthens their developing mathematics skills. 

Problem Solving and Innovating

Kindergarten students begin to make sense of their world by asking questions, solving problems and engaging in creative play. They quickly learn the fun of making predictions and testing their theories to see what happens.