How do I apply? 

What if I want to upload a media format?

What if I require accommodations in completing the application form?

Can I apply if I have no leadership experience?

Do you have to be an equity deserving or sovereignty-seeking individual to apply?

How many student representatives are you selecting from each school?

If I am selected, how long do I sit on the committee?

When will we know we are selected to be a part of this committee?






Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Alliance of Students is a powerhouse of passionate young advocates determined to reshape and revitalize their school communities. Fueled by an unshakable commitment to equity and human rights, these students are change agents with an acute understanding of the urgent need to confront racism, hate, and all forms of discrimination and oppression.

Their vibrant energy and unwavering dedication to collaborative problem-solving make them a force to be reckoned with. Infused with a fervor for generating innovative ideas and driving transformative change, they are the driving force behind the evolution of their school environment.

The group meets throughout the year to foster inclusive spaces and through their initiatives, they spark essential conversations, shaping a community that values inclusivity, empathy, and understanding.

IDEAS vision is to:

  • be the changemakers who represent and advocate for sovereignty seeking and equity deserving students

 IDEAS strive to promote:

  • a community that is a safe environment where students can grow and learn from each other’s experiences/stories
  • safe spaces that are free of hatred, discrimination, judgment, across the DSBN where people can comfortably come together and be their authentic selves
  • an environment where students are genuinely acknowledged, their experiences/stories are valued and they have agency

 Through IDEAS, students will work collaboratively to:

  • empower student voices
  • champion spaces where speaking the truth about history and challenging subjects is encouraged and accepted even though it can be uncomfortable.
  • build a foundation for future activists
  • further educate ourselves
  • hold the system accountable and advocate for actionable change that is not performative