French Immersion

French Immersion

At the DSBN, French Immersion starts in Grade 1. This program provides your child with opportunities to develop proficiency in Canada’s two official languages and to learn about other cultures. 

Students in the program take exactly the same subjects as the English Grade 1 program. They are introduced to the French language by learning the most common French words. An early start is important as developing minds can quickly absorb a second language. 

Early French Immersion students are more likely to reach an advanced level of French proficiency than students in any other program. It is important that families and students demonstrate motivation and commitment throughout the program.

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What is your French Immersion Home School?

Your French Immersion Home School is the school that has French Immersion programming within the designated boundary lines. For example, if your child currently attends Carlton PS, then your child will attend Dalewood PS for French Immersion. You can use our School Locator tool to find out where your home school is, or find your child’s current school below!  

French Immersion School Designated Feeder Schools 
Central French Immersion
Public School 
  • Caistor Central Public School
  • Gainsborough Public School
  • Grand Ave Public School
  • Jacob Beam Public School
  • Lakeview Public School
  • Park Public School
  • Nelles Public School
  • Senator Gibson Public School
  • Smith Public School
  • Smithville Public School
  • Twenty Valley Public School
Dalewood Public School
  • Carlton Public School
  • Crossroads Public School 
  • E.I. McCulley Public School
  • Gracefield Public School
  • Lincoln Centennial Public School
  • Lockview Public School
  • Parnall Public School
  • Pine Grove Public School
  • Port Weller Public School
  • Prince of Wales Public School
  • Prince Philip Public School
  • William Hamilton Merritt Public School
Gordon Public School
  • A.K. Wigg Public School
  • Glendale Public School
  • Gordon Public School
  • Glynn A. Green Public School
  • Quaker Road Public School
  • Wellington Heights Public School
Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion 
  • Applewood Public School
  • Burleigh Hill Public School
  • Connaught Public School
  • Edith Cavell Public School
  • Ferndale Public School
  • Grapeview Public School
  • Harriet Tubman Public School
  • Oakridge Public School
  • Power Glen Public School
  • Westdale Public School
  • Woodland Public School
  • Prince of Wales (Thorold) Public School
  • Richmond Street Public School
  • Westmount Public School
McKay Public School
  • DeWitt Carter Public School
  • Garrison Road Public School
  • John Brant Public School
  • McKay Public School
  • Oakwood Public School
  • Peace Bridge Public School
  • Steele Street Public School
  • Stevensville Public School
  • W E Brown Public School 
  • Winger Public School
Princess Elizabeth
Public School
  • Diamond Trail Public School
  • Fitch Street Public School
  • Plymouth Public School
  • Princess Elizabeth Public School
  • Ross Public School
Prince Philip French Immersion
Public School
  • Cherrywood Acres Public School
  • Forestview Public School
  • Greendale Public School
  • Heximer Ave Public School
  • James Morden Public School
  • John Marshall Public School
  • Martha Cullimore Public School
  • Ontario Public School
  • Orchard Park Public School
  • Princess Margaret Public School
  • River View Public School
  • Simcoe Street Public School
  • St. Davids Public School
  • Valley Way Public School
  • Victoria Public School