Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism

Days of Significance Calendar

In building a culture of appreciation and inclusion, where students see themselves valued, respected and celebrated, we need to begin with knowing their stories.  When we know the cultures, lived experiences and community/cultural/faith traditions of students, we are able to center and relate to them and understand the systems that support their identities. 

This calendar has been created to give educators the culturally-relevant tools to embrace the whole student and cultivate young minds to embrace their genius, appreciate our differences and disrupt oppression so we all can live harmoniously. 


There may be some variance in exact dates and times when days of significance are observed locally.

This calendar is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive and every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy. Please note this is a fluid calendar and updates and changes may be made throughout the year. If you have any inquiries regarding this document, forward your correspondence via email to: pratima.burton@dsbn.org.