Special Education

Unlocking Potential:
Supporting Special Education Success


It is our collective responsibility and privilege to unleash the potential in every student.

We will work together with students, families, and communities to ensure every student thrives. We commit to the achievement and well–being of every student.


Every child is a gift to the world, born with unlimited potential.

We will support and guide students as they recognize their unique strengths and needs while building greater independence as capable learners.


Fostering an inclusive learning environment through targeted and intentional programming nurtures student success.

We will use student voice to deepen our understanding as we strive to ensure every student feels valued and supported.

EDUCATION IS PERSONAL. It is a process of self–discovery as much as it is discovery about the world and how it works. We all learn at our own pace, in our own way. We honour the unique experiences, culture, viewpoints, and talents that make up each one of our students and staff members.

Our strength lies in the diversity of these traits. We provide supports and programs that inspire and engage and are responsive to the strengths and needs of each student. These supports ensure a caring learning environment where every student can achieve.

Kelly Pisek
Director of Education and Secretary