DSBN Student Achievement Plan

At DSBN, we value the opportunity to celebrate success and better understand and prioritize system opportunities for growth.   We are always looking for ways to address barriers to student success.


What is the Student Achievement Plan (SAP)?

Each year, boards across Ontario produce an improvement plan that helps communicate work happening to improve outcomes for students. This year, the Ministry of Education has launched a new Student Achievement Plan (SAP) framework with three priorities:

  • Achievement of Learning Outcomes in Core Academic Skills
  • Preparation of Students for Future Success
  • Student Engagement & Well-Being

The framework sets out goals and performance indicators for school boards to measure student achievement and develop action plans to monitor progress. 

Click here to view the DSBN Student Achievement Plan


What Does It Mean?

Analysis of DSBN data within the Ministry of Education framework has begun, both affirming areas of success and highlighting areas of opportunity.  Of note, the data related to achievement of learning outcomes and core academic skills has been drawn from 2022/2023 EQAO data, whereas the data related to preparation of students for future success and student engagement and well-being is based on information from 2021/2022.    For two of the indicators baseline data will be added by the Ministry in 2024/2025 - % of students who believe their learning has prepared them for the next step in their learning experience and % of Grade 3, 6 and 9 students who report being aware of mental health supports and services in order to seek supports for mental health.


What Now? 

A short summary of the action plan can be found on the Public Reporting Template on page two, in the column “Actions our School Board will take to Improve”.  However, this is just a snapshot of the work happening to ensure student success.  Next steps include: 

  • Contextualizing the SAP data with current data to find patterns, trends, or changes, especially knowing that the majority of data comes from Covid years
  • Looking at data school by school to determine specific locations where support may be warranted
  • Reviewing secondary programs and student voice, particularly as it relates to indicators within the Future Success priority
  • Analysis of Gr. 1 - 8 attendance data, and exploring strategies to support improved attendance
  • Integration of SAP action plan with our continued work toward improving student achievement


Questions or Suggestions?

We invite the public, families and students to submit questions or suggestions around the DSBN Student Achievement Plan through the online form below or by talking to your school Principal.



DSBN Student Achievement Plan Questions or Suggestions