Feb 20 - Secondary Late Buses Cancelled

All regular transportation will continue as scheduled.
Please be advised that General Interest, EdVance, Self-Study and International Languages Elementary programming classes will be cancelled for this evening,

Posted Feb 20, 2019


ESL: English as a Second Language


Site Schools

Elementary Site Schools:
Connaught, St. Catharines, Grades 1-8 (905) 682-6609
Grapeview, St. Catharines, Grades 1-8 (905) 984-5517
Lincoln Centennial, St. Catharines, Grades 1-6 (905) 937-5110
Forestview, Niagara Falls, Grades 1-8 (905) 354-6261
James Morden, Niagara Falls, Grades 1-8 (905) 358-5011
Kate S. Durdan, Niagara Falls, Grades 1-8 (905) 356-0488
Crossroads Pubic School, Virgil, Grades 1-8 (905) 468-7793
Fitch Street, Welland, Grades 1-8 (905) 732-3683

Secondary Site Schools:
St. Catharines Collegiate, St. Catharines, Grades 9-12, (905) 687-7301
Westlane Secondary School, Niagara Falls, Grades 9-12, (905) 356-2401
Welland Centennial Secondary School, Welland, Grades 9-12, (905) 735-0700

To determine your ESL Site School, use the DSBN School Locator.

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Home School ESL Support

Students also have the option of attending their neighbourhood home school and receiving occasional support from an itinerant (travelling) ESL teacher.
To determine your neighbourhood DSBN school, use the DSBN School Locator.