Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

Welcome Parents!

With parents engaged, students succeed! The DSBN believes that parents have a valuable voice in education. Our Parent Involvement Committee makes parental engagement a priority by providing ongoing support on a system-wide basis and promoting communication and dialogue between School Councils, the Board and members of the community.

What is a Parent Involvement Committee?

Parents can get involved in their child's education in many ways, including through school councils and Parent Involvement Committees (PIC). 

The DSBN PIC is an important advisory body that operate as a direct link between parents and the board of education. Where school councils focus on the local school and community, Parent Involvement Committees (PICs) participate at the board level and focus on things that affect more than one school.

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Why Engage Parents?

When parents and schools work together, there are many positive results. These include improved student achievement, reduced absenteeism, better behaviour and increased confidence among parents about their children's education. DSBN schools benefit from the important work parents do to support their children's learning. We also benefit from hearing parent opinions and perspectives.