Special Education

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is any technology that allows students to access the curriculum and increase their independence when completing tasks. Teachers use a variety of strategies to address a student's individual learning needs. All students may benefit from the use of assistive technology but for some students it is a necessary tool for learning. Its applications and adaptations can help open doors to previously inaccessible learning opportunities for many children with special needs.

The District School Board of Niagara has licensed access on all of our student computers to Google Suites. This suite of programs allows the user to access tools such as word prediction, text readers, text-to-audio and translators to assist in both reading and writing through Google Read and Write. Students also have access to spreadsheets, slides, documents, and creative spaces. Students are able to access this suite of programs using their DSBN credentials which enables them to perform tasks as independently as possible. 

Ontario Educational Software Service (OESS)

Through a partnership with TVO we offer educational resources that can be accessed from the TVO website. This website offers support to families and educators with curriculum-aligned resources for students from grade 1-12. The activities align with the Ontario curriculum and are engaging and interactive.

 Visit: https://tvolearn.com/ to explore and learn.

Special Equipment Amount (SEA) Claims

The Ministry of Education provides SEA funding to assist school boards with the cost of equipment essential to support students with special needs to access the Ontario curriculum or board determined program or to attend school. All equipment must be deemed essential and be recommended by a qualified professional. Some examples of equipment that can be purchased through a SEA Claim are FM Systems, ceiling lifts, specialized seating or communication devices. Assistive technology, such as computers and specialized software, may be provided for students with severe learning disabilities or students with physical needs when necessary to access the Ontario curriculum.

All referrals are processed by the SEA Committee. The District School Board of Niagara must assume the cost of $800 for each claim submitted to the Ministry of Education. Equipment purchased through a SEA claim is the property of DSBN.