HH RegistrationStep by Step Registration Instructions

Step #1 - Go to the website:  www.homeworkhelp.ilc.org 

Step #2 - Enter your information


 * It is strongly encouraged that students choose a Username that allows them to remain anonymous.  

Step #3  - Please enter a valid e-mail address…

* …it is optional to include an e-mail address, but students are encouraged to do so in the event that they forget their username and password. They will also receive technical support, valuable reminders about upcoming dates and events (EQAO, exams), updates, and tips. 

Step #4 - Select Student as the Type of User 

Step #5 - Date of Birth  

Step #6 - Ontario Education Number (OEN)

*Please obtain this number from your teacher
*The OEN is also located on any report card a student may have

* After this registration process, students will be able to login using their Username and Password at the top right of the welcome screen
* If a student forgets their Username and password, they may re-register with their OEN and date of Birth, but their original Username will be restored
* Teachers and other students may register as a Guest at any time, but will be unable to ask questions to the tutors in the Chat Rooms