Feb 20 - Secondary Late Buses Cancelled

All regular transportation will continue as scheduled.
Please be advised that General Interest, EdVance, Self-Study and International Languages Elementary programming classes will be cancelled for this evening,

Posted Feb 20, 2019



Parents & Students


Step by Step Registration Instructions

Step #1 - Go to the website:  https://tvomathify.com/register/student
Step #2 - Enter your information
 * It is strongly encouraged that students choose a Username that allows them to remain anonymous.  
Step #3 - Enter a valid e-mail address…
Step #4 - Ontario Education Number (OEN)
*Please obtain this number from your teacher
*The OEN is also located on any report card a student may have
Step #5 - Select your grade  
Step #6 - Select your School Board – District School Board Niagara 
Step #7 - Check the box, “I have read and agree to the terms…”
Step #8 - A message will be sent to your email. You must then confirm the email address to complete the registration.

* After this registration process, students will be able to login using their Username and Password at the top right of the welcome screen 
* After registration, student should be able to login through D2L using the Mathify link