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DSBN Announces Full Implementation of FDELK Program

Feb 03, 2014
January 31, 2014                                                                                              


DSBN Announces Full Implementation of FDELK Program


By September, 2014, all DSBN public schools offering Kindergarten will have full-day programs. Next school year, parents will be able to access Full Day Kindergarten at any one of 82 public schools located across Niagara.  


“This is a significant announcement,” said John Dickson, Superintendent of School Support Services. “No matter which public school parents enroll their children into, they will be able to enjoy the many benefits of the Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten program.” 


In September, the final 18 DSBN schools will begin offering Full Day Kindergarten. They are: 

           A.K. Wigg, Fonthill                               

           Applewood, St. Catharines                  

           Burleigh Hill, St. Catharines                 

           Caistor Central, Caistor Centre            

           E.W. Farr, Fenwick                              

           Glen Ridge, St. Catharines                  

           Glynn A. Green, Fonthill                      

           Lockview, St. Catharines 

           Martha Cullimore, Niagara Falls 

           Meadowvale, St. Catharines 

           Parliament Oak, NOTL 

           Pine Grove, St. Catharines 

           Smith, Grimsby 

           Steele Street, Port Colborne 

           St. Davids, NOTL 

           Victoria, Niagara Falls 

           Woodland, St. Catharines 

           Westmount, Thorold


“We believe that full day learning is immensely beneficial for young children. In Kindergarten, students develop a strong foundation with the skills, knowledge and positive attitude necessary for lifelong learning,” added Dickson.  

On Thursday, February 6, parents will have an opportunity to register their children for Full Day Kindergarten at any one of the DSBN’s public elementary schools at the Kindergarten Open House event from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. At the Kindergarten Open Houses, parents will be able to meet the teachers, see the classroom, get a sense of the program and register their children for school. Registration is simple and should only take ten minutes. Those interested can bring their child’s birth certificate and immunization record.  

For more information about the open houses, to view the video FAQ and to download the kindergarten registration form, click here.