News Release

Fresh Air Abounds at Pelham Centre's Outdoor Classroom

Apr 23, 2015


Fresh Air Abounds at Pelham Centre’s Outdoor Classroom 


Whether they’re playing, exploring nature or simply enjoying a good book, students love to spend time outdoors. As the weather warms up and the sun begins to shine, that feeling only intensifies. At Pelham Centre Public School, students will be able to combine their love for learning and nature at the school’s outdoor classroom. 

“Our students are very excited about having an outdoor classroom,” says Bev Smith, Principal. “On especially nice days, teachers may choose to leave the four walls of the traditional classroom to conduct lessons outdoors. It will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn creatively in a comfortable, natural setting.”  

In addition to being a great spot for students to read and work in a beautiful setting, the outdoor classroom also reflects the DSBN’s focus on environmental education. Being able to learn outdoors offers students an opportunity to connect with the natural environment and talk about the surrounding ecosystem.  

The development of the classroom was supported through a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF). The Foundation is a charity that funds environmental projects across Canada.   

Pelham Centre Public School is located at 1165 Centre Street, Fenwick.