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Open Houses Give Students a Chance to Say I Got This!

Feb 02, 2017

Open Houses Give Students a Chance to Say "I Got This!"

DSBN high schools opened their doors to thousands of students and their families across the region. The open houses, for Grade 8 students and their families, showcased the different programs, courses, athletics, clubs and other opportunities each school offers. Students will be able to explore the school, meet the staff and learn more about all the supports schools have in place to help students become successful.

“Students’ high schools should help bring out the best in them. At the DSBN, our schools are places where students can feel comfortable being yourself,” said Helen McGregor, Superintendent of Education.  “Our teachers, administrators and coaches are here to support students and help them develop their skills and talents.”

Thousands visited open houses across Niagara from November 28 through December 1 to see all that DSBN schools have to offer. After visiting, many students confidently said “I Got This!”

Members of the media were also invited to attend these open houses for photos and to meet any number of current or prospective high school students who can share their experiences, hopes and aspirations for high school.