News Release

DSBN Begins Accommodation Review in Wainfleet

Mar 28, 2018

On March 27, DSBN Trustees voted to begin a process which could result in a new school built for elementary students in Wainfleet. The Accommodation Review, approved by Trustees at their March 27 meeting, will involve William E. Brown and Winger public schools.

In June 2017, the Ontario Government announced a moratorium on most new accommodation reviews in the province. However, the government will permit reviews for joint-use school projects. The proposed new school for Wainfleet would, if approved, bring together the populations of William E. Brown, Winger, and St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School. In this scenario, the DSBN and Niagara Catholic District School Board (NCDSB) would continue to operate separate schools under the same roof.

The DSBN already has one successful joint-use school partnership with the NCDSB in Niagara Falls, where Kate S. Durdan Public School and Loretto Catholic Elementary School share space. Although St. Elizabeth is not included in the accommodation review, the NCDSB will consult with their community and be a partner on decisions surrounding the potential new school.

Both Winger and William E. Brown are older buildings. Winger was built in 1950, and William E. Brown was constructed in 1914. Staff support consolidation to provide students with a modern learning facility and create enrollment levels to support optimal programming. The proposed school would serve over 400 DSBN students.  

The process will begin with the Accommodation Review Committee’s first meeting on May 10. There will be two public input meetings, which will take place on May 16 and September 20. The Accommodation Review Committee’s role will be to provide feedback on the staff report. The committee may also elect to propose alternate solutions. All feedback will be included in the Final Staff Report, which will be presented to the Board in October, where the public will also have the opportunity to present to the Board. A final decision is expected at the November Board meeting.

The public is encouraged to become involved. All reports, minutes and agendas, as well as meeting dates will be posted to