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Education Week 2019 - Hannah Walpole

Apr 30, 2019

Education Week 2019- Hannah Walpole

Meet Hannah Walpole, her #DSBNEducationStory starts with student voice.

Hannah is a Grade 12 student at Greater Fort Erie Secondary School (GFESS). Her well-respected and strong voice has stood out to many over the years. She advocates for student voice in her role as Co-Prime Minster on Student Council and has made great strides to advance Indigenous Education within GFESS and the DSBN.

Hannah is continuously trying to get students more involved in the school and create a better atmosphere where everyone can feel more comfortable.

“Everyone is just so different, and we need to understand each other,” said Hannah. “I think this is really important, especially in today’s society”.

Hannah recently had the opportunity on her Professional Development day to speak to the GFESS staff on improving the curriculum for Indigenous students. She believes embedding more Indigenous learning into the syllabus will expand the school environment for everyone.

“I’m just kind of the middle man right now trying to figure out how we can make all groups work together to better the climate in the school, and help understand each other,” Hannah explained.

Not only has Hannah been collaborating with GFESS teachers, she also agreed to be the first student representative on the Indigenous Education Advisory Council. Within this role she hopes to articulate the common ideas and feedback that groups of Indigenous youth within the DSBN desire to see in their education.

Hannah would like to witness the inclusion of a Medicine Walk in Health Care classes.  She believes students would benefit from taking time in nature, relaxing and looking for plants that are used as natural medicines by many Indigenous groups.

Hannah has started to notice her voice making a difference within her school. She sees her suggestions being incorporated in classes. This is very exciting and fulfilling for her.

Hannah continually encourages her peers to have a student voice. She believes so many connections, experiences and self-benefits can be made by simply getting involved.

“I think they just need to know that student voice isn’t weird, and it isn’t a nerdy thing,” said Hannah. “It’s fun, you meet new people, make new friendships and you have a good time”.

Hannah has always been passionate about health care and educating the ones around her. After graduation she plans to go to university for a nursing degree. Following her undergrad, her goal is to get her masters and one day become a teacher. She aspires to work for the Red Cross where she would love to work on an Indigenous Reserve. Hannah strives to continue spreading her knowledge around Indigenous education and student voice throughout her whole life.

You are an inspiration to many Hannah. We hope your #DSBNEducationStory lives on! Good luck in university and your future endeavors!