DSBN Students Competing in Toronto

May 06, 2019

DSBN Students Seeking Precious Medals in Toronto

DSBN students are joining over 2,000 competitors seeking gold at the Skills Ontario competitions at the Toronto Congress Centre. The competition, beginning today and running through May 8, gives students the opportunity to test their skills amongst the best in the province. From there, students can earn a spot on Team Ontario for the Skills Canada National Competition, taking place later this month (May 27-30) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“We wish our students the best of luck in Toronto,” said Roy Smith, DSBN Technology and Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) Consultant. “They have worked hard to reach this point and this will be an exciting experience as they continue to develop their skills and abilities.”

Results will be announced on the Skills Ontario website following the closing ceremonies on May 8. The site can be found here:

The following DSBN students earned the right to take part in the Skills Ontario competitions following successful performances at the DSBN regional qualifying event:

Alexander Doyi, Westlane, 2D Animation

Anthony Poirier, Westlane, 2D Animation

Kira Flanagan, St. Catharines Collegiate, Aesthetics

Brandon Doyi, Westlane, Architectural CAD

Mitch Black, Port Colborne, Auto Service

Cody Lau, St Catharines Collegiate, Baking

Adam Wagner, Port Colborne, Carpentry‐Individual

Carter Sheridan, Beamsville District, Carpentry-Individual

Daniel Ridings, Eden, Carpentry‐Team

Robbie Falk, Eden, Carpentry‐Team

Vedat Ozkan, Grimsby, Coding

Josiah Thiessen, Eden, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Mike Huynh, St. Catharines Collegiate, Culinary

Chris Rose, Beamsville, Culinary

Stella Urquhart, St. Catharines, Collegiate Culinary

Matthew Warankie, E.L. Crossley, Electrical Installations

Rachel Morrow, E.L. Crossley, Floristry

Hannah Walker, Port Colborne, Geographic Information Systems

Aidan Hawkins, Port Colborne, Geographic Information Systems

Ryann Scheib, Sir Winston Churchill, Graphic Design ‐ Presentation

Emily MacDonald, Sir Winston Churchill, Graphic Design ‐ Production

Michael Shannon, Stamford Collegiate, Hairstyling

Mariah Andrews, DSBN Academy, Job Interview

Bailey Arih, Greater Fort Erie, Job Skills

Nathan Sheogobind, Sir Winston Churchill, Mechanical CAD

Georgia Major, Welland Centennial, Photography

Mac Levesque, St. Catharines Collegiate, Precision Machining

Tim Anderson, Eastdale, Small Powered Equipment

Myles Jackson, Port Colborne, Welding

Nicholas Peppas, Port Colborne, Welding

James Fitze, Eden, Robotics ‐ Team

Joshua Poulson, Eden, Robotics ‐ Team

Cole Robichaud, Eden, Robotics ‐ Team

Nicholas Allen, Eden, Robotics ‐ Team