DSBN Students Continue Strong Performance on EQAO

Sep 25, 2019

Students at the District School Board of Niagara put in another strong performance on the provincial standardized tests. According to data from the EQAO, DSBN students outperformed provincial math results by as much as 17 percentage points.

In Grade 3 math, 75% of students met or exceeded the provincial standard. The DSBN’s Grade 3 results are a full 17 points higher than the provincial result (58%). Grade 6 math results increased one point over the previous year and are now 14 points above the provincial results.

High school students experienced similar success. Grade 9 academic math results increased two points over 2017-18 to 86% and are two points above the province (84%). Applied math results remained steady at 57%, which is 13 points above the province (44%).

Several strategies contribute to these results. Over 1,200 teachers have taken advantage of Math AQ (Additional Qualification) courses paid for by the DSBN to support their skills and proficiency in this critical area. Additionally, Instructional Coaches are embedded within schools, supporting teacher practice and providing more professional development for teachers. In keeping with the strategic plan’s commitment to individualized support, teachers tailor their instructional approach to meet the unique learning needs of each student.

The EQAO test is measured on a 4-point scale. Students are considered successful if they achieve Level 3 or higher.

Grade 3, 6 Reading, Writing

DSBN students continue to demonstrate a high proficiency in literacy.

Grade 3 reading scores increased one point to 85%, which is 11 points above the provincial success rate. Writing results increased one point, with 84% of students successful on the test. Writing results are 15 points above the province.

In 2018-19, 88% of Grade 6 students were successful on the reading assessment, which is seven points above the provincial result. Students improved their progress in writing, with 87% successful on the assessment. The DSBN’s result is five percentage points above the province.


DSBN results on the OSSLT increased four points over the previous year to 81%. The DSBN’s results are one point above the province.


“Understanding that math is an area needing attention, the DSBN has devoted a significant amount of time and resources to supporting students in this critical area. In particular, we are proud of the teachers who have committed themselves to enhancing their practice through Math AQ courses and other professional development opportunities. Their commitment to students has helped them become more confident and skilled mathematicians,” said Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education.

“The success students are experiencing is due to their hard work and our classroom teachers’ dedication to our learning journey and commitment to individual needs of students. The continued upward trend revealed in many of the areas assessed by the EQAO indicates that the focus and strategies implemented by the DSBN are making a positive impact,” said JoAnna Roberto, Superintendent of Curriculum and Student Achievement.

“EQAO results are another indicator of student achievement that we consider alongside a variety of other data and assessments. We are pleased with the progress our secondary students are making in math and the OSSLT. Strong literacy and numeracy skills are positive indicators that students will be successful in pursuing their goals in high school and beyond,” said Helen McGregor, Superintendent of Curriculum and Student Achievement.

“Although we consider EQAO results a snapshot of students’ progress, the DSBN has maintained consistently strong results over time. We believe this is evidence of meaningful, sustainable progress, and we congratulate all our students and staff for their hard work,” said Sue Barnett, Chair of the Board.