Equity in Action at the DSBN

Sep 23, 2020

At the DSBN, we believe in championing diversity and being an inclusive, equitable place to learn and work. Ensuring our learners and employees are supported to contribute their best, and feel safe bringing their most authentic selves to school and work, is the learning organization we are committed to being.

We have known there is work to do to achieve this vision, and we know that now is the time for change; time for action. That’s why we are pleased to share our DSBN Equity Audit Action Plan – a strategy designed to ensure we are building the organization we have set out to be.

“In education, we have the great advantage to build a supportive and progressive environment for our students to grow within,” said Sue Barnett, DSBN Chair of the Board. “This plan is founded on bringing about positive change that the DSBN believes in. We’re excited to fully implement it, and bring it to our students and staff; for those with us today, and for those who will join us in the future.”

The Equity Audit Action Plan is rooted in comprehensive research, including hearing from over 3,800 employees as part of an organization-wide survey. It identifies key issue areas and puts forward recommendations that the DSBN will take to reach our goals. A few examples include:

  • Valuing equity by identifying, addressing, and removing barriers in processes, policies, plans, practices, and services
  • Valuing diversity by accepting and respecting individual differences
  • Valuing inclusion by promoting a workplace free from harassment and discrimination

“Our students are so well-connected and passionate about social justice and equity issues, and it’s our job as a school board to reflect their vision,” said Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education. “This is our commitment to ensuring our students have the right foundation to learn and advance their ideas, because it’s them who will carry this plan into real, long-term change. That’s the power of this plan.”

This is the beginning of an ongoing organizational journey, with more important work to be done. Our beliefs and values are being turned into tangible action to ensure that the DSBN is a learning organization that inspires, empowers, and supports everyone in our school community to achieve their full potential.

Our community is invited to review the DSBN Equity Audit Action plan here.