Announcement from the Director of Education

Mar 10, 2021
March 10, 2021
Dear DSBN Families:
Starting in September 2021, we are planning for a regular school year. This means in-person learning during regular school day hours, regular classroom schedules, and the return of extra-curricular activities and clubs. This will benefit our students’ education and their mental health and well-being.
All students currently enrolled in DSBN schools will be automatically enrolled in their home school for 2021/2022. The elementary virtual school will officially close at the end of June 2021 and will not re-open in the fall. As always, parents with children requiring specialized programming will be able to review their individual circumstances with their home school principal in late August. If required, remote learning options will be available.
We can assure you that safety protocols will be in place in September 2021 as directed by Niagara Region Public Health and the Ministry of Education. Our planning for September 2021 will include contingencies should we need to revert to remote learning.
The best place for students to learn is in-person, in their classrooms with their teachers and their peers. We look forward to sharing updates with you in the coming months.
Warren Hoshizaki
Director of Education