From the Director: Islamophobic Tragedy in London, Ontario

Jun 09, 2021

Dear students, families, and community members:

Our hearts are heavy with sadness about the hate-based act of violence, motivated by Islamophobia, in London, Ontario, on Sunday evening that took the innocent lives of four family members. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Afzaal extended family, the 9-year-old sole survivor, and the greater community grieving this hateful act.

We acknowledge that this attack may leave the Muslim community, locally and across Canada, feeling traumatized, fearful, unsafe, and vulnerable. This includes staff, students and their families, who have been deeply impacted by this tragic event. The DSBN believes that diversity is our source of strength and we celebrate and appreciate the identities and lived experiences of all students. The DSBN is committed to interrupting Islamophobia and all forms of racism, discrimination, and acts of hate and violence. We must act systematically and collectively to stand against Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate.

In collaboration with the Mental Health team, we have provided resources below that can be accessed by students, staff, families, and community members.

Resources for Educators and Families:


Culturally Relevant Resources for Emotional Well-Being

  • Naseeha offers free, confidential, and culturally appropriate counselling and mental health support to Muslim Youth. All faiths are welcome to call. Services are offered in Urdu, Arabic, English, and French. 1-866-NASEEHA. Text or Call. Open 7 days 12PM-12AM
  • Amala The Muslim Youth Helpline offers accesible form of culturally competent counselling and resources to Muslim Youth. All faiths are welcome to call. 1-855-95-AMALA. Call Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday-Sunday from 6PM-10PM. 
  • Nisa Helpline assists Muslim women seeking confidential, peer to peer counselling on a variety of issues. All individuals are welcome to call. 1-888-315-6472. Open 7 days/12hrs/day.
  • Wellnest offers culturally competent, faith based mental health and wellness services online for adolescents, adults, couples, and families -
  • Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual community wellness center that provides various mental services, including counselling and consultations. 1-855-5KHALIL. 


General Supports for Emotional Well-Being




Warren Hoshizaki

Director of Education