Third DSBN Superintendent Rises to School Board Directorship in Canada

Oct 26, 2021

Helen McGregor, who has served as Superintendent of Curriculum & Student Achievement at the DSBN for the past 11 years, has been appointed to the directorship position of Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer for the Vancouver District School Board.

We have long valued the development of strong, compassionate leaders at the DSBN, knowing how crucial quality leadership is to student success. Niagara is an excellent place to learn and grow, and we are proud that Helen is DSBN’s third Superintendent to achieve one of the highest leadership roles in Canadian education within the last two years. 

“It has been a privilege and honour to work with Helen. She grew into an outstanding leader at the DSBN and has contributed a wealth of knowledge and positive change to many system, student, and staff initiatives. While she will be greatly missed, we’re glad the DSBN had the benefit of her expertise, and we’re confident she will lead students to success in the Vancouver community,” said Warren Hoshizaki, DSBN Director of Education.

“I am honoured to join the students and staff at Vancouver School Board as Superintendent,” said Superintendent McGregor. “I’m thankful to have served the wonderful students and families in Niagara, and I am excited to join the Vancouver community in this role to ensure all students feel valued, cared for, and supported in reaching their full potential.”

DSBN is proud that three Superintendents are now leading three different school boards, and making a difference to thousands of students lives across Canada. We wish Superintendent McGregor all the best in her new position.