February 24: Celebrating Black Joy and Excellence

Feb 14, 2022

February is Black History Month, a significant time to celebrate Black culture and history, and recognize the remarkable achievements and essential contributions Black Canadians have made to Canada. Black communities have been a part of the fabric of Canadian heritage since the 1600s when Mathieu Da Costa arrived, and they have a rich history of resilience, innovation, and determination that’s very important for all of us to recognize and learn about. Celebrating Black joy and excellence is about honouring the innovation, legacies, determination, and resilience of Black communities.

And we want you to celebrate with us on February 24.

We're inviting all members of our community and beyond to join us for a free virtual event with an inspiring line-up of speakers and performers, some who are nationally-recognized and others who are influential Niagara locals.

Get to know the community leaders who will be there, what they will be contributing, and register here: 

Celebrating Black history and excellence is certainly not limited to only February, and while we ensure that it is highlighted in February, we encourage discussions and education to happen in the classroom throughout the full school year. At the DSBN, we are committed to ensuring all students’ identities are represented and included as we continue to prepare them for life as global citizens in a very diverse world. Throughout the school year, there are many days and months of significance that are recognized and offer an opportunity to focus on building cultural knowledge of each other’s way of life, so that communities stay connected, interrupt biases, and work to build a supportive network of advocating for each other.