And the winners are...

Feb 22, 2022

Every year, our Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki – also known by students in our schools as “Mr. H” – has always been impressed by how creative DSBN students are. And every year, we look forward to the Director’s Artisan Card Contest, where Director Hoshizaki challenges thousands of students to create cards that celebrate different months and days of the year. We were pleased to receive 400 SUBMISSIONS from students from everywhere in Niagara!

A big congratulations goes out to this year’s 13 winners of Mr. H’s Artisan Card Contest! Their art is far too excellent not to share with you. 

The talented winners

  1. Ruby, Grade 2, Jacob Beam, "Stop and Be Kind"
  2. Jacob, Grade 6, Kate S. Durdan, "Pink Shirt Day"
  3. Nawal, Grade 6, Gordon, "Spring Blossoms"
  4. Indigo, SK, Prince of Wales North, "Going Deep in the Pool"
  5. Lageera, Grade 10, Westlane Secondary, "Blinded by Sight"
  6. Janna, Grade 8, Forestview, "Nian 2022"
  7. Viviana, Grade 5, Pine Grove, "Pride Month"
  8. Kayley, Grade 7 Connaught, "Halloween Pumpkin Eyes"
  9. Aisha, Grade 2, Orchard Park, "Islamic Heritage Month"
  10. Mathew, Grade 4, Prince Philip Niagara Falls, "Winter Break"
  11. Anh, Grade 5, Heximer, "The Lion's Tale"
  12. Molly, Grade 6, Lincoln Centennial, "Harriet Tubman"
  13. Brady, Grade 8SE, Diamond Trail, "Penguin"

See the winning pieces, the students behind them, and hear them explain what inspired their work.

      WATCH: Mr. H’s 2022 Artisan Card Contest Winners!