Pink Shirt Day: Committed to Inclusion, Belonging, and Kindness

Feb 23, 2022
Bullying is not okay. Today, DSBN students and staff are proudly wearing anything pink to stand up against bullying, to celebrate our diversity, to show our commitment to inclusion, belonging and kindness, and to remind each other that we are stronger together. Our Board believes in cultivating a positive school culture where students feel valued, and feel empowered to be their truest selves every single day. 

What's the story behind Pink Shirt Day? 

Pink Shirt Day started in Nova Scotia back in 2007, when two Grade 12 students took a stand against homophobic bullying when they witnessed a Grade 9 student being severely bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. The Grade 12 students decided to be upstanders. On their own dime, they bought 50 pink shirts and encouraged their peers and friends to wear pink to school the next day, and stand in solidarity with the Grade 9 student.

And they did.

The word got out online and hundreds of students showed up to the school in pink – some from head-to-toe – to stand together against bullying.

Pink Shirt Day began in Canada and it’s message has travelled around the world, and is now recognized globally. We’re raising awareness today to bring the issue of bullying to the forefront, while staying mindful that standing up for bullying is not reserved for one day, but that we must do this every day. We remember that our actions matter, and that we must be kind, respectful, inclusive, and accepting of one another, and celebrate one another. At the DSBN, we believe in championing diversity, building a strong culture to support the mental health and well-being of all, and being an inclusive, equitable place to learn. Ensuring students are supported to contribute their best, and feel safe bringing their most authentic selves to school, is the learning organization we are committed to being.

If you are a student who is experiencing bullying at school, or you are a concerned parent/guardian, please contact your school as soon as possible.