DSBN Senior Administration

Michael St.John 

Michael St.John

Superintendent of Special Education & Mental Health and Well-Being

Jennifer McGugan
Ext. 54111


  • Areas 1–6 Multi–Disciplinary Special Education Team
    Education and Community Partnership Program (ECPP)
    Mental Health and Well-being
    Niagara Regional Public Health Liaison
    Safe Schools
    SIP/SEA Ministry Funding and Allocation
    Youth Counsellors/Social Workers
  • Instruction & Learning (K–12)
    Home Schooling
    Instructional Outreach
    Special Education Services
    Special Education Staffing Consultation
    Pre–school Transitions

Board Committees

  • Special Education
    Advisory Council (SEAC) Lead

Student Achievement Leaders

  • Pratima Burton (K-12)
    Mental Health and Well-Being
  • Nikki Train (K-12)
    Special Education, Student Attendance