ESL: English as a Second Language

Two teens sitting and smiling.

Secondary ESL Program Highlights

  • ESL program is a temporary support program for students whose first language is different than English
  • The program is comprised of ESL or ELD credit courses staffed with a qualified teacher
  • Students will take ESL or ELD credit courses as part of their regular timetable
  • In ESL or ELD courses, students will receive specialized and intensive instruction by a qualified teacher to help students develop English language reading, writing and oral communication strategies that will help them in their other courses
  • Schools will provide any needed supports for each student in consultation with the student, family and ESL team
  • Credit courses are offered at the following DSBN Secondary schools:
    • St. Catharines Collegaite in St. Catharines
    • Welland Centennial Secondary School in Welland
    • Westlane Secondary School in Niagara Falls
  • Itinerant (traveling) ESL teacher support is available to students who attend schools other than those listed above.

The ESL and ELD Curriculum is designed to help students become successful English language learners who can:

  • use English to achieve academically in all subject areas;
  • take charge of their own learning, independently and in groups;
  • make a successful transition to their chosen postsecondary destination (work, apprenticeship, college, university) and;
  • participate fully in the social, economic, political, and cultural life of their communities and of Canada.