Request a Delegation

If you wish to submit a delegation to an upcoming board meeting, please send your request in writing to the Secretary of the Board, c/o Karen Bellamy, Executive Assistant before 12:00 noon one week prior to the board meeting which you wish to attend. Should you not be able to meet this deadline due to extenuating circumstances, please advise and your request will be considered. 

Delegation ByLaws

R - 6 Delegations wishing to appear before the Board will give notice in writing addressed to the Secretary. Such notice shall state the purpose of the delegation and the name of the spokesperson.

R - 7 Such notice shall be in the hands of the Secretary on or before 12:00 noon one week prior to the Board meeting which the delegation wishes to attend. Before acceptance is granted, the Secretary shall confer with the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson to agree on the urgency of the request and the manner of effecting the necessary arrangements.

R - 8 Unless otherwise determined, delegations will be received by the Board at approximately 8:00 p.m. Presentations by delegations shall normally be for a maximum of five minutes. Permission of the Chair of the meeting shall be required to extend this time period.

R - 8.1 Delegations shall speak only once to a particular topic (purpose). Subsequent requests may be accepted as a written submission.

R - 8.2 To reduce the possibility of any misunderstanding, written copies of presentations must be received by the Director’s Office by noon on the Thursday prior to the Board meeting which the delegation wishes to attend. Failure to do so would result in not speaking at that Board meeting.