Grade 7-10 Math teachers can access the Homework Help site by first registering as a guest.  Once you have a guest login, you can access the resources on the site at any time, you just can’t ask a question on the chat. 

How to log in as a Guest


Registering as a “Guest” will allow you to get familiar with the resources on the site so that you can utilize them in your teaching, either to incorporate them in your lessons or to be able to make specific suggestions to students who need extra help. Instructions for registering as a guest are as follows:

You need to go through the full registration process on the right hand side of the screen 

  1. choose a username and password (write this down if you need to)
  2. confirm your password 
  3. enter your board email address in case they need to help you with some issue that arises
  4. select “Guest” as your user type
  5. check the box, “I have read and agree to the terms…”
  6. once you have registered you will not need to register again but rather will just log in on the top right 

As you know, you cannot ask a question as a “Guest” but rather can watch the live chat going on (between 5:30 and 9:30 Sun-Thursday), watch the demo chat at any time, and look at the various information on the left under “Resources”, “Teachers” and “Tools” on the site.