Niagara Link Program 


What Does This Program Offer?

This dual credit program connected to Niagara College offers grade 12 students(age 16-20) an opportunity to earn up to 2 credits to complete their OSSD. Students will be enrolled in one college dual credit in Personal Wellbeing and can enroll in either grade 12 college level English or grade 12 Learning Strategies.

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Who Should Take This Program?

You should take this program if you:

  • Are  16-18 years of age
  • Are a mature student
  • Want to earn credits towards earning your diploma 

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What Can I Do With This Program?

  • Earn credits towards your diploma  
  • Take courses necessary for Workplace, College
  • Complete your OSSD diploma

When Does It Start?

Niagara Link, will  be available in Summer School, see the summer school link

How To Register:

DSBN students, see your guidance counsellor.
Not a DSBN student, email [email protected]


Self-paced, online.

You require a computer and Internet connection to access the course.




DSBN students, see your Guidance counsellor
Not a DSBN student, contact [email protected]

Phone: 905-687-7000