Resources Available to You

These resources can assist you in identifying and attaining your educational/career goals.

Nelson's 2021 scholarship program is now open!!

"We are committed to empowering student success. That is why we created the Nelson Scholarship Program, an award that recognizes Grade 12 students for their work in the classroom and in their communities. Recipients of the award are young leaders of tomorrow, combining a commitment to community stewardship with academic achievement".

Award amount: $10,000

Awarding students who have demonstrated academic success, personal strength, and determination in their commitment to civic engagement and leadership.

Deadline for application: 
Jun 30 2021 11:59 PM (EDT)


Award amount: $10,000

Awarding First Nation, Métis and Inuit student leaders who have demonstrated academic success, personal strength, with the intent to pursue post-secondary studies in Education.

Deadline for application: 
Jun 30 2021 11:59 PM (EDT)

Click here to apply today!!

For more questions please contact Suriya Pillay

Our Education/ Career Planning Coordinator will:

  • assess the diploma status of individual students and assist with the development of plans to achieve eligibility.
  • provide information sessions relating to specific areas of concern. (e.g. - How to apply to post-secondary institutions, OSAP, etc.)
  • develop a monthly newsletter to keep students informed.
  • work with teachers, social service agencies and other community organizations for the benefit of students.
  • either through referral or direct intervention, help students to cope with aspects of their personal/ family lives which, otherwise, would interfere with their educational performance.
  • maintain accurate student records. Transcripts are available upon request. A one week notice is required.

Computer Software/Internet

A number of excellent interactive programs like CHOICES, Career Cruising and Career Explorer are available to assist students with their career decision making. Internet is also available for students to access various educational and career websites.

Career Planning Centre

A variety of up-to-date career and post-secondary resources are available for student use in room 101. Students requiring more information can be referred to the DSBN Career Education Resource Library at the Don Reilly Centre.

On-site Contact with Ontario Works

An Ontario Works counsellor comes to the Lifetime Learning Centre once a week to work directly with students who are Ontario Works Clients.

Career Planning Service

An excellent working relationship exists between the Lifetime Learning Centre and the Career Planning Service. This agency provides assistance to adults in need of help with career planning.