Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

  • A school-to-work program monitored by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.  (MAESD)
  • A component of the Cooperative Education program that lets students participate in co-op placements in apprenticeship skilled trades
  • There are over 140 apprenticeship trades to choose from
  • Lets you gain work experience, skills and contacts in the skilled trade area of your choice while earning Co-op credits towards your OSSD
  • Lets you try out apprenticeship as a first-choice postsecondary pathway
  • Gives you the chance to be signed as a registered Apprentice while still in high school and begin documenting your skills and competencies towards becoming fully qualified in your trade now!

Accelerate Your Education!

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program lets you explore careers in the skilled trades through your Cooperative Education placement. OYAP lets you begin training and exploring trades as possible career options and apprenticeship as a first-choice postsecondary training option to become qualified to work in a skilled trade.

OYAP is both a demanding and rewarding choice if you wish to jump-start your career. Jobs in skilled trades pay well and challenge your intellect and creativity. Better still, as a postsecondary apprentice, you can earn a paycheque while you learn!

Students, like you, who participate in OYAP can begin training in a skilled trade and may even be registered as an apprentice while still in high school. This lets you begin earning experience, skills and competencies towards becoming qualified in a trade while earning high school credits at the same time.

Apprenticeships are often the first step in a career path that can lead to an additional trade, to supervisory, administrative or management positions, or to a self-employed business career!

For more information, visit OYAP.dsbn.org