Technological Skills Challenges

DSBN Skills

Participation in the DSBN Skills Challenges provides students with the opportunity to represent their schools and to test their skills against students from across the district.

By participating in the challenges, students will have the opportunity to explore careers in the skilled trades and technologies by completing industry-related projects, using industry-standard equipment and adhering to industry regulations. Challenges will be judged by industry mentors, who will provide students with valuable feedback and the opportunity to make valuable industry contacts. Success in the challenges often translates into success in the workplace with many employers recognizing the accomplishments of medalists.

Gold medalists from the DSBN Skills Challenges will advance to the Skills Ontario Competition (SOC) which will be held in the first week of May at the Toronto Congress Centre. Gold medalists at the SOC will become part of Team Ontario and will have the opportunity to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) during the last week of May.

What do participants in the DSBN Skills Challenges think about the competitions?

  • "I liked how hard you have to work in the competition and seeing afterwards what you have finished."
  • "It was fun and challenging at the same time."
  • "I think it's a great opportunity to see the pressures of the real world, to meet new people and learn new skills...and it's always a fun time."
  • "The judges were awesome. I appreciated all the help from them."
  • 96% of students said that they learned new skills through participating in the DSBN Skills Challenges!