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The DSBN is committed to helping all students succeed and lead safe, healthy, and active lives. As part of our commitment to student safety, injury, and well-being, the DSBN support concussion awareness, prevention, identification, management, tracking, and training in DBSN schools.

Resources for parents/families

FAQs: Please see responses below to frequently asked questions about concussions.

*Note: the resources below are not intended to provide medical advice for health care related to concussion symptoms. Please consult with a physician or nurse practitioner for health care advice if you suspect that you or someone you know has sustained a concussion.

What is a concussion?

What are the signs and symptoms of a concussion?

How do I recognize and seek care for concussion “red flag” signs and symptoms?

What should I do if I think my child has a concussion?

How can I help my child prevent a concussion?


This TED-Ed video explains the science behind concussions in a simple and straightforward manner.

What happens when you have a concussion?

Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources (Government of Ontario)