Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism


Embracing Who We Are

DSBN believes that diversity is a source of strength and innovation, and our schools embrace and appreciate the values, identities and lived experiences of students. Everyone has a story. It is through these stories that we will learn about our communities, their identities, beliefs and their backgrounds, which will serve as a powerful lens in appreciating students’ experiences. Knowing these stories cultivates a sense of community where equitable learning conditions can be nurtured, differences are celebrated and all voices are welcomed.

Equity design

Charting a New Pathway



Creating a culture of transformative and impactful change requires a collective commitment to disrupting the status quo, engaging in courageous conversations on equity and designing new pathways to achieving equitable outcomes for all students. The DSBN stands behind an inclusive design that captures the essential elements to bring about impactful change within our schools. This inclusive framework involves:

  • Continuing to grow in our knowledge about the systems and structures that create and sustain racism, oppression and exclusion
  • Collectively taking action to revisit and re-evaluate our practices through an anti-oppression, anti-bias and anti-racism lens
  • Creating the conditions to ensure every child, regardless of their social identity, is challenged to reach high standards
  • Embedding culturally and historically relevant content so students see themselves reflected in the curriculum.

In fostering an equity-minded culture, we started where we needed to be by creating brave spaces to actively listen, learn and collaborate with staff, students, families and community members. These partnerships will help to support an equitable education system that upholds and reflects the principles of fair, anti-racist and inclusive education to create positive outcomes for all students.

If you have any questions please direct to Equity@dsbn.org.