School Culture Survey

Building a Positive School Culture, Together

The District School Board of Niagara recognizes that providing students with an opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and respectful society is a shared responsibility. Schools, students, and families each play a very important role. We are committed to achieving an equitable and inclusive school culture where everyone feels included, has a true sense of belonging, their identity celebrated, and their voices heard.

DSBN School Culture Survey

Building a positive school culture requires a collective commitment where the voices of students, families and school staff are essential. This is why we are asking students in Grades 4-12 learning in-person, their families, and DSBN staff to share their feelings and experiences by completing the School Culture Survey.

Feedback we receive will have a direct impact by guiding and shaping the necessary steps we need to take to improve safety and well-being at school. It will support schools with their decision-making about programs and services, contribute to strengthening relationships, and help us build an inclusive school culture where everyone feels valued, respected and included. The survey is entirely anonymous and confidential. While it is voluntary, we hope to hear from all students and families who are enrolled in in-person learning. The more responses we receive, the more effective the DSBN can be in supporting everyone moving forward.

To accommodate students with varying exceptionalities, the survey can be completed using voice recognition software such as Google Read & Write. If you have concerns about your own access to technology or require support with language translations, please contact your school. We have provided translations in the following languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Korean, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese) located down below.

The DSBN is committed to providing safe, caring and inclusive spaces for everyone to help students learn and succeed. Your partnership is an important part of that.

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