Creed Accommodation Family Guide

Purpose of the Family Guide

The DSBN is committed to establishing partnerships with students, families and  communities to create equitable and inclusive schools and learning spaces that promote acceptance and protect the religious and creed rights of all students. 

This Creed Accommodation Family Guide has been developed to help families understand the creed accommodation process to actively engage as partners with the school in acquiring religious and creed based accommodations. This Family Guide is  supplemented by an administrator’s guide to creed accommodations so families and schools can work together. These partnerships will help to support an equitable education system that upholds and reflects the principles of fair, anti-racist and inclusive education to create positive outcomes for all students. 

Families are encouraged to contact their school to discuss their child’s accommodation for religious and creed beliefs. These conversations help to bring an awareness and understanding of your beliefs and practices to the school community.


Creed Accommodation Request Form

Request Form